What they're saying about Too Sexy...

"After many weight loss attempts, I have learned that losing weight is not a magic show. When I discovered 2sexy, I fell into a new way of weight loss that was different from others. 2sexy is not only a family environment, but it keeps me becoming back because I see the results! I am happy to say that I can fit into my old jeans again, and I think they might be a little to big for me now! Myself and co-boot campers cheer each other on during a though work out. We support each other in and outside of boot camp. 2sexy has empowered me mentally, spirituality, and physically. I feel so accomplished at the end of the work out because it is one more step towards a healthier life."

- Autumn


"This place has been amazing for the past 6 weeks that I've been going. It's small classes, super supportive and welcoming to ALL fitness levels and body types. it's been a really positive experience for me (which is saying a lot given my past history with all things fitness/weight related).. so I'd definitely encourage anyone that's curious or looking to get some positive, hard working, encouraging workouts in to give it a try. AND, it's super affordable."


Seriously, if you're working towards meeting a goal, you wont be held back by small things. I love too sexy fitness because of the motivation from other bootcampers, the price is great and Megan is genuinely concerned with us but lets us know that ultimately its our responsibility to be accountable for our journey. There are people of all ages and sizes with different goals. I went from not working out much to going to bootcamp 3x a week plus some weeks adding Zumba and walking a trail because I learned from bootcamp that this is a lifestyle change and a personal choice to get up and go but whats happening at Too Sexy is awesome. Megan challenges us and she shares her own story of weight loss with us too. I am very pleased!

- Nancy

"Too Sexy is what's hot! Thing is I just have to come back for more and more because I am Too Sexy this fat.  Seriously, I like the encouragement that I get every week."

- Sharita


"When a friend convinced me to sign up for this class with her, I was pretty terrified. I wondered whether the instructor would be mean to us, or whether I could stick with the class. But in reality, the instructor and my fellow bootcampers were all really nice and supportive. We shared a lot of laughs! By the time our 12-class series ended, I was actually sad that it was over. I was proud of myself because the 12 weeks helped me double the number of (real!) push-ups I could do, and I doubled the amount of jump roping I could do too. It turned out that I did a smart thing to buddy up with friends to carpool to the 6 AM class. It's what got me there every day - AND on time! I recommend the Too Sexy Bootcamp to anyone who wants to challenge themselves to be fitter and healthier!"